Storage Management for Distributed Open Systems PC/LAN/UNIX/SAN
to OS/390 & z/OS Mainframe Server


FDR/UPSTREAM offers you a powerful, reliable and high performance storage management product for centralized, automated, unattended backup/restore and archival for Open systems. Whether your data is stored on a LAN/NAS/SAN storage Upstream will provide automated operations to OS/390 or z/OS MVS mainframe server.

FDR/UPSTREAM supports both LU6.2 and TCP/IP communications protocols, providing a comprehensive solution for Windows NT/2000® and Windows XP, Novell®, OS/2®, Sun Solaris, Intel Solaris, AIX, Tru64UNIX, HP-UX, and Linux and can be operated from the command line, ISPF or GUI interfaces. Upstream provides centralized operations and offers common interfaces for easy operations and reducing training issues for IS staff.

FDR/Upstream can be used in just about any environment including Token Ring, Ethernet, Channel attachments, WAN, FDDI, ATM, SAN, ESCON, FICON.

Upstream can backup any device in your Enterprise! Local systems or remote computers including laptops and mobile units can all be included in your backup scheme. All you need is some type of connection to the OS/390 server for safe, secure, automated operations.

FDR/UPSTREAM supports a wide variety of PC LAN/UNIX platforms and server file systems.

Connectivity Supported

FDR/Upstream and Upstream/SOS supports SNA and TCPIP.

FDRSOS and Upstream/SOS support ESCON, FICON, SCSI and Fiber attachments. FDR/UPSTREAM and Upstream/SOS can be used with Token Ring or Ethernet connections. FDR/Upstream can be used in just about any environment including Token Ring, Ethernet, Channel attachments, WAN, SAN, FDDI, ATM.

Upstream can backup any device with a supported platform, such as remote computer including laptops and mobile units, provided that they have some connection to the OS390 server.

ESCON Connected network channel Cards

Upstream can also be configured to use ESCON or FICON connected network channel cards that emulate standard IBM control units. These cards have been designed for optimal performance and to provide an easy-to-implement solution for connecting open systems to IBM mainframes.

Database Aware...

Keeping database applications online, in production and more aligned with 24 x 7 operation will help the organizations bottom line. Not having to shut the database or messaging system down to perform backups seems like a sound business model and with Upstream's database and messaging systems "agents", the model can be reality. FDR/UPSTREAM provides supports online, "hot" backup agents for Oracle, Lotus Notes Domino, SQL Server and Exchange and Exchange 2000, and DB2 (Universal Database Server). UPSTREAM also provides support for BMC's SQL Backtrack product for Oracle, Sybase and Informix databases.

FDR/UPSTREAM supports a wide variety of Databases.

FDR/UPSTREAM offers Stand Alone Restore (SAR) Capability

SAR (Stand-Alone Restore) is a powerful feature of FDR/UPSTREAM where you can use a Windows machine with a SCSI attached tape drive to perform disaster recovery restores without UPSTREAM/MVS. Some of its features include:

  • Restore of backups from any system supported by Upstream including UNIX systems.
  • File-by-file or physical disk restores.
  • Support of virtually all SCSI tape drives. No tape driver is required.
  • Browser based interface allows remote administration.
  • No tape preparation required. Request the restore from your UPSTREAM client, pop in your host tape and your restore immediately begins.
  • Support of all UPSTREAM/MVS tapes generated including vault tapes.
  • Restores in locations where you do not have mainframe access.
  • Tape drive-speed restores. For Windows PC there is no network overhead.
  • Multi-tasking if you have multiple tape drives you can run multiple simultaneous restores.
  • Similar to UPSTREAM/MVS, UPSTREAM SAR runs as a single task on your Windows machine servicing a web-browser based console as well as multiple inquiries and restores.