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Corporations today are looking to leverage the strengths of the z/OS Enterprise Server and to take advantage of z/OS UNIX for such uses as e-business applications, Web serving, WebSphere, and Lotus Domino. But the z/OS Storage managers who are being given the task of managing this new hybrid UNIX data are concerned because they are not familiar with UNIX file systems.

UPSTREAM z/OS UNIX solves this problem by allowing z/OS storage managers to continue to use methods, techniques and systems they are trained and familiar with. This will avoid wasting valuable time and money retraining just to manage the z/OS UNIX file space. UPSTREAM z/OS UNIX uses standard z/OS storage management practices and Disaster Recovery schemes and provides centralized storage management for Unix Systems Services, also known as z/OS UNIX, (previously known as OpenEdition/MVS). Traditional MVS storage management products like FDR and DFDSS can backup and restore an entire USS file system (which is a series of z/OS data sets), but are unable to offer individual file-level granularity for either backups or restores.

UPSTREAM z/OS UNIX interacts with the HFS components of z/OS UNIX via the POSIX API, which is a standards based C language Application Program Interface for UNIX applications, along with z/OS specific facilities. This provides the most efficient file systems support and allows for incremental backup processing and file level recovery!

  • Provides both ad hoc and automated, unattended backup/restore, file transfer and storage management operations
  • Offers unique data reduction techniques to minimize the amount of data transmitted
  • Leverages the services, security, and dependability of z/OS on a z/OS Enterprise Server
  • High performance and offers low z/OS resource consumption

Employing the automation features of the UPSTREAM z/OS UNIX server, storage administrators have the highest degree of flexibility and reliability in backup/restore and storage management while unparalleled features save time and resources!

UPSTREAM z/OS UNIX supports:

  • Full & Incremental backup capability and file level granularity
And the following UNIX Systems Services file system features:
  • External Links
  • Symbolic Links
  • Unix Owners & Permissions
  • Hard Links
  • Auditing Flags
  • Case Sensitivity
Lotus Domino support:

UPSTREAM z/OS UNIX supports Lotus Domino databases using the Lotus Domino Notes backup API. The Domino agent provides UPSTREAM the ability to perform on-line full and incremental backups of databases, even if in use, and also supports backing up Notes transaction logs. UPSTREAM USS also allows Restores of Domino databases to a specific point in time!

UPSTREAM z/OS UNIX provides Centralized Operations:

FDR/UPSTREAM uses the existing z/OS MVS tape management, Security and Scheduling systems.

z/OS Controlled—All UPSTREAM USS functions can be performed from an ISPF interface so everything from configuration, operation and management can all be achieved through easy-to-use panels. The storage administrator can initiate backups, perform inquires and generate restores from a single file to full volume restore all from the ISPF panels. The ISPF panels can also be used to quickly and easily generate JCL jobstreams, providing faster implementation and greater efficiency.

Batch Interface—UPSTREAM operations can be an automated process with its batch initiation facility. The USTBATCH facility can perform backups and restore operations and is used as the interface to your job scheduling system. The Batch interface can be used to initiate multiple simultaneous operations and in addition can log the final return code and also optionally display it on the system console. These messages can be intercepted by your scheduling or console automation system to control subsequent operations for a totally automated approach.

Data Reduction Methods—Full merge backup and automatic duplicate file support dramatically reduces elapsed time for backups.

Reporting and Logging—UPSTREAM offers extensive and comprehensive reporting via z/OS ISPF menus. UPSTREAM's generalized report program can be customized to provide detailed information on any aspect of the UPSTREAM USS system.

Vaulting—UPSTREAM vaulting will automate the creation of secondary tape copies for disaster recovery purposes. Usage of this feature also allows you to maintain different retention schemes for different data.

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