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Sample Panels

ISPF Dialog Panels allow mainframe initiated backups, restores, inquiries and administration can be easily performed.

Status Display and Real-Time Statistics on all currently active FDR/UPSTREAM operations can be viewed from either the LAN or the Mainframe.

Workstation Name Registry as seen from the LAN theregistered Name Service is a facility that easily identifies the workstation/server; allowing host or other owrkstation requests to be easily located. This service uses a symbolic name for a workstation/server with the network address maintained in a table on the maindframe and also supports dynamic LUs and DHCP allowing the setup of bathch jobs which are independent of the netework configuration.

FDR/UPSTREAM provides detailed information about backups that can be viewed from either the PC or mainframe for easy administration.

PC-Based Reporting comprehensive reports can be generated from the PC for a complete audit trail. These reports are also available from ISPF.

Inquire & Restore Panel tree like Inquire & Restore panel easily identifies files and displays all versions of a particular file. Point and click on files or directories to be restored.

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