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The causes that result in a disaster and require recovery can come in many shapes and at any time. Hardware failure, server crashes, corruption, electrical anomalies and human error can all result in the same situation. Having to perform an operating system installation and configuration and then restore your applications is a task that can be fraught with anxiety. With the clock ticking, management looking over your shoulder and important corporate data at risk and production stopped.

Whether it is a scheduled test or comes at 3:00 o'clock in the morning when you are least prepared for it or when you expect it, the manual effort and uncertainty of success is constant. Whether performing a manual install of the base operating system or restoring from an image backup the difficulties and potential problems can be time consuming and complicated. Until now!

A powerful and unique addition to the FDR/UPSTREAM storage management tool is the UPSTREAM Rescuer. The UPSTREAM Rescuer is a stand alone system recovery facility for Intel Linux, SuSE Linux on System z and Solaris systems.

UPSTREAM Rescuer allows administrators to completely restore a system from data that is saved in FDR/UPSTREAM without separate system backups. UPSTREAM Rescuer provides this essential system recovery supplement because it is completely integrated into FDR/UPSTREAM.

The UPSTREAM Rescuer for Linux on System z recovery, when unleashed in the event of a disaster, runs on a Linux for System z IBM eServer under the distributor's Linux disaster recovery facility. Employing that systems network communications and disk access, UPSTREAM Rescuer can recover a user's entire system, including their Linux system boot disk, file systems and device drivers as well as all their application programs and data files.

It can accomplish this by using the technology in FDR/UPSTREAM that includes in the file-level backup all file types in the system. This involves FIFOs and device files that complement UPSTREAM's support for all other UNIX file types (hard links, symbolic links). UPSTREAM incorporates in the backup, knowledge of file system demarcation points and other information about each of these file systems. It's easy and simple to use since all of this information is incorporated transparently in the backup with no special setup or consideration.

One simple but powerful file specification is all it takes to backup the entire system
with the system fully online... /*

FDR/UPSTREAM and its z/OS Linux Rescuer to the Rescue:
  • Ensures Quick and Easy Recovery of all Systems, Configurations, Applications and Data
  • Clone a Complete Machine Easily
  • Seamlessly Integrates with FDR/UPSTREAM
  • Reduces Training and Administration while Saving Resources
  • Makes Recovery Consistently Successful

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