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Introducing UPSTREAM

The UPSTREAM suite of products builds on the strengths of the FDR Storage Management Family providing a fast, safe and reliable solution for backing up Open Systems data.

FDR/UPSTREAM and UPSTREAM Reservoir accomplish this with a solid basic facility that includes many innovative features starting with a silent installation, advanced data reduction techniques, support for time saving hardware data replication, LAN free backup, D2D2T staging, and an Email event notification for exceptional or routine situations.

Your UPSTREAM system can be hosted on either:

Whether it is just a few servers that you wish to back up, or your entire Open Systems infrastructure, the UPSTREAM suite of products offers a reliable, flexible and scalable solution to meet your requirements.

Whether you are backing up to the mainframe or an open systems storage server, UPSTREAM is managed by the easy to use but full featured interface “Director”, that can be run from a web browser or workstation anywhere in your network, virtually anywhere in the enterprise.

UPSTREAM's high-performance backups can be optionally compressed, and they can be placed on either disk or tape.

Mainframe Storage Server

FDR/UPSTREAM is impressive with a low Total Cost of Ownership as it uses your existing z/OS or OS390 tape management, Security and Scheduling systems, to allow multiple simultaneous backups and restore operations.

If the Open Systems data is resident on an

If the Open Systems data is resident on an EMC VMAX with EMC z/SOS or IBM DSFD8700/DS8800 with zDDB, FDRSOS and UPSTREAM/SOS provide additional performance enhancements to the backup and restore process by utilizing high-speed mainframe channels.

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  • Open Systems Storage Server

    UPSTREAM Reservoir is the open systems backup server that reduces the complexity of the backup management process resulting in more manageable and consistent operations.

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