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The FDR/UPSTREAM Family of Products provides a robust, scalable, data protection and business continuance solution that is highly reliable and features high-speed performance. It is an enterprise wide solution with extensive platform support and choices of Storage Servers.

FDR/UPSTREAM allows organizations to leverage and enhance the mainframe’s traditional strengths by providing industrial strength file level backup and restore facilities. UPSTREAM RESERVOIR features an alternative to a z/OS Mainframe Storage Server with Windows, Linux or UNIX.

Upstream Map

FDR/UPSTREAM provides a flexible and scalable data protection solution for securing anything from a single file server to the largest corporate data servers.

FDR/UPSTREAM uses your existing z/OS tape management, Security and Scheduling systems. UPSTREAM provides a powerful solution with high-performance, reliability and automation for Open Systems distributed data, as well as Linux on Z Systems and z/OS UNIX (USS).

Features include:

  • File level backup, online hot database support and System level recovery
  • Data Reduction features such as synthetic full merge backup
  • Online database support for DB2 Universal Server, IBM Notes, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Exchange
  • GUI interfaces and ISPF panels to monitor and control UPSTREAM, in addition to Command line
  • A variety of file system features including hard links, symbolic links, owners, NFS, single file system support, etc.
  • Vaulting option to produce an offsite tape copy for disaster recovery
  • Extensive reporting that can be customized
  • Mainframe migration facility migrates disk backups to tape
  • Bi-directional true file transfer capabilities with selectable ASCII/EBCDIC translation
  • Multiple levels of AES Encryption

Connectivity Supported

FDRSOS and UPSTREAM/SOS support FICON and Fibre attachments. FDR/UPSTREAM can be used in just about any environment.

Database Aware...

Keeping database applications online in production and more aligned with 24 x 7 operation will help the organizations bottom line. Not having to shut the database or messaging system down to perform backups seems like a sound business model and with UPSTREAM’s database and messaging systems “agents” - the model can be reality. FDR/UPSTREAM provides support online, “hot” backup agents for Oracle, IBM Notes, SQL Server and Exchange and DB2 Universal Database Server.

Click here for more information on FDR/UPSTREAM’s Database Solutions

Data Encryption

Protect data when it leaves your control & meet privacy and privileged information protection regulations. CRYPT is an option to FDR/UPSTREAM & UPSTREAM RESERVOIR. CRYPT is designed to protect the data on your BACKUPS against unauthorized access by anyone who does not possess the proper encryption.

Protect Backups Intended for Transport and Off-Site Storage

  • Secure, fast, efficient and economical
  • Advancing levels of encryption, including AES, allow security with balance
  • Key management selections
  • Randomly generate or user specified unique key per individual backup

Click here For more information about CRYPT's use with FDR/UPSTREAM & UPSTREAM RESERVOIR.

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