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Platform Support

FDR/UPSTREAM provides comprehensive data protection and business resiliency, including backup/restore, and storage management solution for all supported platforms while also providing disaster recovery for select platforms.


FDR/UPSTREAM supports all of the Server and Workstation versions of Windows. FDR/UPSTREAM can run on Intel and AMD 32-bit and 64-bit processors. UPSTREAM provides support for every aspect of a Windows system, including all of the features of the NTFS and ReFS file systems and the Windows system state. UPSTREAM supports the Volume ShadowCopy Service (VSS), so UPSTREAM can create complete and accurate backups based on volume snapshots. Windows Failover Clustering is also fully supported, along with comprehensive support for all versions of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.

UPSTREAM provides an enhanced Bare Metal Recovery for Windows Server 2008 64 bit systems and above. The process of the Bare Metal Recovery promotes automation, consistency, and reliable operations to the server recovery process. The enhanced recovery eliminates the need of reinstalling the operating systems or manually configuring hardware making server recovery simple and can be performed in a fraction of the time.


FDR/UPSTREAM supports the backup and recovery of VMware Virtual Machines and supports VMware VSPHERE 5.1 and later.

UPSTREAM ensures a consistent, recoverable backup of a virtual machine that can be managed by the UPSTREAM product for reliable operation. In addition, those backups can be restored easily.

UNIX UNIX: FDR/UPSTREAM is a native UNIX application that supports AIX®, Sun Solaris, Intel Solaris, HP-UX, Linux on z Systems and z/OS UNIX.

z/OS UNIX z/OS UNIX: FDR/UPSTREAM provides extensive support for z/OS UNIX Systems Services (USS) that provides file level granularity for the HFS and zFS files.

LINUX FDR/UPSTREAM provides extensive support for Linux that includes:
  • x86 (Intel & AMD) Linux
  • Linux on z Systems

FDR/UPSTREAM Rescuer allows disaster recovery of select UNIX systems including Linux on z Systems, Intel Linux, and Solaris. A recovery with the Rescuer requires an initial full FDR/UPSTREAM backup of the system, which may optionally then be followed by subsequent incremental backups. FDR/UPSTREAM backups include all of the information necessary for a full system recovery, including device files, FIFOs, hard and symbolic links and more. The Rescuer uses the single user or emergency boot facilities provided by the UNIX or Linux vendor. Then, with the operating system loaded and running, the disk to be recovered is created and mounted and the restore done, avoiding potentially fatal problems of overwriting the active operating system disk.

The Enhanced FDR/UPSTREAM Linux on z Systems Rescuer provides the ability to recover the Linux Virtual Machine in a single command. FDR/UPSTREAM does not backup partition or other disk definition information. However, on all Rescuer systems, a disaster recovery report is created which can be either backed up or sent via an email notification to make the information available at disaster recovery time.

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