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IAM & IAM/AIX...The Power Over VSAM— (Cost Option to IAM)

Alternate Index Support
  • Reduces DASD Space Requirements by 30 to 70%

  • Improves Online and Batch Performance by 50 to 80%

  • Cuts CPU Utilization...of Major Applications

CICS and Batch applications make heavy use of keyed indexed VSAM (KSDS) files. VSAM is a prime bottleneck to the performance of these systems.

IAM, eliminates VSAM's (KSDS and ESDS) bottleneck by slashing I/O and CPU time. IAM's Real Time Tuning monitors I/O activity, dynamically changing the number of buffers and I/O chaining. IAM completely eliminates the I/O to the VSAM index.

IAM executes fewer instructions per record request. Batch processing times are dramatically reduced by 50 to 80%.

IAM does not require users to make any modifications to their operating system. IAM does not replace any operating system access methods. IAM is designed to coexist with VSAM.

IAM with data compression takes less CPU time than VSAM and significantly less than software compression products.

IAM's file structure and software compression technique is significantly faster than VSAM's hardware compression, while giving comparable or better space reduction. IAM delivers superior performance and better space savings while using less CPU time.

IAM Compared to VSAM using hardware compression, on an 11GB file sequentially reading all the records.

Many of the popular application vendors make extensive use of VSAM KSDS files. Many of these files are excellent candidates for conversion from VSAM to IAM. Convert your VSAM files whether they are 1GB, 4GB or 20GB, to IAM and see your VSAM problems disappear...

User Experience
  • IAM reduced RMDS space requirements from 106,000 tracks to less than 53,000 tracks.

  • We converted our VSAM files to IAM without change. Now the file is over 20GB.

  • Replaced existing VSAM compression package with IAM and saw a 50% savings in CPU time.
Meeting the Demands of Your Users
  • IAM/AIX uses 20% to 70% less CPU time than VSAM.

  • IAM/AIX performs 50% to 80% less EXCP's than VSAM.

  • IAM/AIX runs in 50% to 80% less Elapsed Time than VSAM.

Alternate Index Support allows you to convert VSAM Files with alternate indexes to IAM files. With the IAM alternate index support, the IAM benefits of significant performance improvements and DASD space savings are available to more of your VSAM data sets. As with standard IAM support there are no changes required to application programs!

Random I/O Performance Test

IAM took 8 min. versus 39 min. for VSAM tuned with LSR

256,000 Random Read; 160,000 Updates, 1/2 of which required an update to the other alternate index; 80,000 Inserts; 16,000 Deletes; 16,001 Points (start browses) with 80,000 sequential reads (5 records read per start browse).

Sequential I/O Test

IAM took 7 min. versus 15 min. for VSAM tuned with LSR

This test read the file sequentially using the NONUNIQUE key alternate index.

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