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FDRViEWS User Quotes

Tracking DASD Utilization
  « FDRViEWS has made it much easier for us to keep track of which applications are growing the fastest and which ones are using the most disk space... »  

Dataset-Level Charge Back
  « We needed space allocation reports at the data set level (and presented in a nice graphical format) which we could send out to our business units for charge back purposes... »  

Monitoring Storage Fluctuations
  « FDRViEWS’ simple-to-use trending facility helps us to identify monthly fluctuations in storage space requirements, both at the system level and down at the application/group level too... »  

Low impact reporting
  « The speed and low resource requirements of FDRViEWS allows us to run our reporting during the day without impacting on users or applications... »  

Timely reporting
  « FDRViEWS data collections are so quick that we can afford to run a new collection prior to every major report run. This means the reports are always up-to-date... »  

A “One-Stop-Shop” for Reporting
  « FDRViEWS allows us, within a single application, to collect the raw data, ask our questions, obtain the answers and format the resulting reports. »  

Reducing the Skills Requirement
  « With FDRViEWS, we’re no longer reliant on specialist skills in DCOLLECT, ISMF, Excel and SAS... »  

Outsourced Reporting
  « Because FDRViEWS is so simple to use, we’ve made it available to selected application groups. They love it. Instead of coming to us every time they want a report, they can now run the report themselves. Whenever they want... »  

Non-SMS Reporting
  « Some of the basic reporting we take for granted under SMS isn’t readily available for Non-SMS volumes and storage groups. FDRViEWS plugs that gap nicely... »  

The right report. Every time
  « Techies like their tables and spreadsheets. Managers like graphs and pretty pictures. FDRViEWS’ choice of report formats means that we can present the results of each report in the format and style that is right for the data that is being presented...and for the audience it is being presented to... »  

Forget the calculator
  « With my old reporting tool I was always reaching for the calculator to add up and average out totals across groups of volumes or applications. FDRViEWS‘ flexible grouping facility allows me to easily define, maintain and update group definitions so that the totals I receive are the ones I was looking for... »  

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