The Makers of FDR®

FDRREORG User Experiences

  « We run FDRREORG every night. We never re-organize anything that doesn’t need to be re-organized. More importantly, we never miss a file that really does need to be re-organized...! »  

  « FDRREORG has reduced our nightly VSAM reorganization time from 100 minutes down to just 20 minutes. This means we can leave the online system up for an extra hour each night... »  

  « When we add new VSAM files to an application they get the same hi-level qualifier as the existing files. This means that FDRREORG’s generic selection criteria automatically sees the new files and reorganizes them if they need it. Before FDRREORG, we used to have to code separate IDCAMS REPRO statements for every file in the application... »  

  « We’ve seen a significant reduction in the amount of time we spend monitoring and scheduling VSAM reorganization and PDS compression... »  

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