FDRPASVM Introduction

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August 2016
User Experience
March 2018

Bring all the benefits of FDRPAS to migrating your z/VM and Linux for System z volumes.

  • FDRPASVM monitor tasks allow z/VM systems to stay up and available.
  • FDRPASVM allows…
  • Users to swap active z/VM user volumes
  • FDRPASVM tracks all updates…
  • Made by z/VM and virtual machine guests
  • FDRPASVM enables non-disruptive migration of volumes containing…
  • z/VM mini-disks, full pack mini-disks, and volumes dedicated for CMS users
  • Linux for System z and other guest’s file systems

FDRPAS for z/VM Components

  • FDRPASVM is an option to FDRPAS for z/OS volumes but can be licensed with or without licensing FDRPAS for z/OS.

FDRPASVM Process...

FDRPAS main swap task, running on z/OS, copies a z/VM source volume to a z/VM target volume.

  • z/VM intercepts installed to source volumes monitor all changes.
  • z/OS main SWAP task copies the source to the target volume
  • FDRPASV volume swap thread passes changes to z/OS main SWAP
  • z/OS main SWAP task recopies changed tracks
  • When source and target volumes are in sync, FDRPASV uses z/VM system
    HyperSwap command to swap the volume on z/VM
  • Target volume becomes the source volume for z/VM applications
  • FDRPASV intercepts are removed

FDRPASVM Sample Output
FDRPASVM Sample Output


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