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To consolidate 14 (3390-9) volumes containing DB2 data to 8 (3390-27) volumes


Over 25,000 DB2 data sets (occupying 1.4 million tracks, approximately 1,900 data sets per volume) had to be moved and re-cataloged to the new 3390-27 disks, and deleted from the old 3390-9 volumes.


To complete the work in real time, and with minimal impact on production systems and users.


FDRMOVE (employing FDRPAS) swapped the 14 source volumes non-disruptively to the new storage system, then a “FASTMOVE” (employing IBM FlashCopy) ran with 8 concurrent subtasks to move the data sets from 8 volumes concurrently.


The consolidation of the 14 3390-9 volumes to the 8 3390-27 was completed in 8 minutes.

Performance Summary

The data was moved at a rate of 8.5 GB/min

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