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FDRINC Introduction

FDRINC is a high-performance utility that provides volume and incremental backup, restore and disaster recovery services for z/OS.

With FDRINC you can take frequent “managed” backups of your MVS DASD without having to backup every data set every day. From those managed backups, either the whole volume or individual data sets can be easily restored.

FDRINC consistently out-performs its competitors, often using considerably less CPU resources and requiring less elapsed time in order to complete the task in hand.

FDRINC backups can be easily integrated into a DFSMS environment, but can also be used to secure DASD volumes in non-SMS environments.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Reduce your backup elapsed times by only backing up the data that has changed since the last backup.

  • Reduce your z/OS resource usage, such as CPU, I/Os and Tape, by reducing the amount of data you backup each day.

  • Reduce your application downtime and improve on data availability by ensuring that your backups run as fast as possible, with the minimum disruption to users.

  • Improve your home site restore capabilities with automated data set and volume restores.

  • Speed up your disaster recovery with the fast and concurrent volume recovery process.

Performance & Efficiency

The table below (extracted from an March 2011 Performance Test) demonstrates FDRINC's superior performance when compared to DFSMShsm. As you can see FDRINC offers a clear advantage in performance (i.e. reduced backup elapsed times) and resource utilization (i.e. less CPU consumption and disk/tape EXCPs):

Product Elapsed Time
CPU Time
ABR V5.4/75 with
0.84 6.01 7,368 7,542 5
z/OS V1R12
5.19 80.76 299,746 20,356 5
% Difference 84% 93% 98% 63%


Even with the stunning performance illustrated above, it may still take some hours to complete all your backups with FDRINC - especially in larger shops where several thousand DASD volumes may need to be secured each day.

However, when FDRINC is used in conjunction with FDRINSTANT, you can reduce to a bare minimum the downtime usually associated with taking backups. FDRINSTANT provides near 24x7 backup of offline volumes created by DASD Subsystem features like SUN SnapShot Copy, EMC TimeFinder, Hitachi ShadowImage and IBM FlashCopy.

Data can be easily restored from a backup created by FDRINSTANT, just as if the backup had been taken from an original online volume. In some cases, the restore can be significantly faster than from a conventional backup.

See the FDRINSTANT section for more details.

Solutions To Your Everyday Problems

When we talk to Storage Administrators about their existing backup systems, the same problems and concerns are mentioned time and time again:
  • Poor performance and backup overruns are always of primary concern, as slow backup performance invariably causes disruption to the revenue-generating applications that are being backed up.

  • High resource utilization and long-running housekeeping tasks can consume valuable CPU cycles.

  • A lack of control is often also cited as an issue, especially when employing manual, un-managed backup processes.
If your current backup system is suffering from any of the above issues, FDRINC can provide you with a cost-effective solution.

For more introductory information on FDRINC, see the Product Portfolio Sheet

For more technical detail on FDRINC, see the Tech Detail section.

For more comprehensive information on FDRINC, please request the FDRABR Volume Backups Concept & Facilities Guide.

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