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At a recent DR exercise, we were able to gain access to another customer's data on some of the DASD volumes that were allocated to us for the recovery. This prompted us to look in greater detail at the informal agreement for data erasure that we had in place with the DR Provider.

On investigation, we found that the old agreement was based on the use of DASD technology that had since become obsolete following the installation of a newer DASD subsystem at the DR site. Clearly, we now have to accept and take on-board the full responsibility for the secure erasure of our data at the conclusion of each DR exercise.

Initially, we tested and timed the secure volume erase facility of ICKDSF, but our tests indicated that it would take in excess of 24 hours to erase all the DASD volumes allocated to us at the DR site. This would have a huge impact on our 96 hour DR Exercise window.

In the end, we opted for Innovation's FDRERASE. Our tests have indicated that it is significantly faster (yet still as secure) as the alternatives, and it does not require an IPL in order to operate, further reducing any impact on the 96 hour DR Exercise window.

User Quotes

  « Used FDRERASE on a DS8000 with the SECUREERASE feature and 7 passes and ERASEd 596 volumes (3390-3, 3390-9 and 3390-27). A total of 4.57 TB but with 7 passes; was as if 32TB erased. Elapsed time was 10 hours and 29 minutes. The disks were in a PPRC relationship and those disks were also erased concurrently.

After the erasure we ran the VERIFY option to confirm that all the tracks were erased. The VERIFY function took 57 minutes.

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