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FDRDRP User Experiences

  « We recently recovered 400 disk volumes, restoring from two days worth of FDRINC incrementals (from Tuesday and Monday) and the weekend full backups. Using 8 3590 tape drives concurrently, FDRDRP completed the recovery in just 3 ½ hours... »  

  « With FDRDRP, we’ve cut our DR recovery time down from 20 hours to just under 9 hours… giving us another 12 hours of additional test time... »  

  « Before we had FDRDRP, the minimum recovery time was approximately 15 hours. We can now get everything restored in less than 8 hours... »  

  « We backed up 110 3390-3 volumes onto high-capacity StorageTek 9840 cartridges, using 8 cartridges for the weekly full-volume backups and 4 cartridges for one day’s incremental backups. Using FDRDRP, we then achieved the following results utilizing 8 cartridge drives for the restore... »  
  • All 110 volumes restored (using only the full-volume backups) in 2.5 hours.
  • All 110 volumes restored (from the full-volume and the incremental backup)
    in just 3 hours.

  « We backed up 47 3390-9 volumes onto high-capacity StorageTek 9840 cartridges, using 16 cartridges for the full-volume backup and 4 cartridges for the incremental backup. Using FDRDRP, we saw the following results... »  
  • All 47 3390-9 volumes restores (using the full-volume backups and the incremental) in just 80 minutes!

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