FDRABR Introduction

FDRABR is a suite of powerful, flexible and high-performance z/OS DASD Management tools, which provide a range of features including:

  • Managed volume and incremental backup (FDRINC)
  • Application backup (FDRAPPL)
  • Ad-hoc volume and data set backup (FDR)
  • Data archive/migration and space management (FDRARC)
  • Dataset copy/move (FDRCOPY)
  • DASD Management Reporting (FDREPORT)

The main modules of FDRABR are described in more detail in their own separate sub-sections, but this section provides an introduction and brief overview to all of the features available with FDRABR, and also looks briefly at other related members of the FDR Family.

  FDRINC – Volume Incremental Backup

FDRINC is high-performance, intelligent and automated backup system, which allows you to create daily backups of all your DASD without having to backup every data set every day.

  • It offers a “managed” backup of your data through a combination of incremental backups interspersed with regular full volume backups.

  • From FDRINC backups, individual or groups of data sets can be restored, and entire DASD volumes can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

  • TSO/ISPF panels give the end user easy access to the DASD Management reports & backup/restore functions.

See the FDRINC section for more details.

  FDRAPPL – High-Speed Application Backup

FDRAPPL is a managed, automated, and flexible system designed to backup data sets belonging to a single application, regardless of where those data sets reside. This allows the application to be backed up independently of other applications sharing the same volume(s), and reduces application downtime while the backup is being taken.

  • FDRAPPL provides flexibility in the scheduling of your backups.

  • You can run a backup before and/or after the application has run, or even include one or more backups as part of the application workflow.

  • Restores are flexible too; restore either the whole application or individual data sets.

See the FDRAPPL section for more details.

FDR – Standard Backup

FDR provides standard, high-performance, “non-managed” volume and data set backup and restore services, which can be used to meet special handling or retention requirements outside of the regular automated backups taken with FDRINC.

  FDRARC – Archive/Migration (Space Management)

FDRARC allows you to regain control of the consumption of your z/OS DASD space by moving inactive data sets to a less costly medium, such as high-capacity tape, a VTS, or to a compressed format on another disk.

  • FDRARC supports the SMS management class.

  • Thresholds can be established on volumes so a certain level of free space can be maintained within the DASD storage pool.

  • Online applications, batch jobs and end users can quickly and easily recall a migrated data set if required.

See the FDRARC section for more details.

FDRCOPY – z/OS Dataset Copy & Move

FDRCOPY allows you to copy or move data sets to/from one or more DASD volumes using flexible data set selection criteria and powerful rename facilities when copying data sets to a new name. When used in conjunction with FDRINSTANT, FDRCOPY can create copies of 1000s of datasets in a matter of seconds.

  FDREPORT (and FDRViEWS) – z/OS Reporting

FDREPORT is a flexible, high-performance DASD Management reporting tool, which can gather information from a wide variety of z/OS sources (VTOC, VVDS, Catalog, ABR and HSM control files). You can run your reporting as a z/OS batch job or through FDREPORT’s TSO/ISPF panels.

FDRViEWS is a cost-option to FDREPORT or FDRABR which enables you to manage your current storage requirements, identify trends, predict future requirements, and anticipate peak demands, all through a user-friendly GUI interface.

See the FDREPORT and FDRViEWS sections for more details.

Related Products

Some additional related products which may be of interest to anyone involved in z/OS Storage Management:

  • FDRINSTANT provides near 24x7 backup of offline volumes created by DASD Subsystem features like SUN SnapShot Copy, EMC TimeFinder, Hitachi ShadowImage and IBM FlashCopy. FDRINSTANT can be used in conjunction with FDRINC, and with FDR.

  • FDRCRYPT offers encryption services to FDR and FDRABR (incl. FDRINC, FDRAPPL and FDRARC), as well as sequential output created by an IDCAMS REPRO.

  • FDRDRP is an optional extension to FDRINC which can reduce restore-time contention on multi-backup high capacity tape drives, which in turn reduces full volume recovery time by up to 80%.

  • FDRMOVE (including FDRPAS) allows you to move z/OS data sets from one DASD volume to another with little or no disruption to normal operations. FDRMOVE is ideal for volume consolidation (e.g. consolidating three 3390-3’s to a single 3390-9), which can help to free up UCBs. FDRMOVE is also useful for load balancing to reduce I/O contention.

For more introductory information on FDRABR, see the Product Portfolio Sheet

For more comprehensive information on some of the individual modules described above, please request the appropriate Concept & Facilities Guide

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