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  « The tape correction procedure worked successfully using FATAR

4310348  4096  FATS058 RECORD  7 HAS BEEN DROPPED

Thanks for all the help! It was very important to have a full month’s worth of SMF data available to feed into the IBM Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool. Without that data, we could have ended up paying thousands of dollars more for November’s 2013 IBM software monthly maintenance charges. I submitted the SCRT report tonight and the report shows “% Data Collected for z/OS 100%” instead of “% Data Collected for z/OS 88%”. Anything under 95% is unacceptable.

A Large University in the MIDWEST

  « We used FATSCOPY to migrate 9000 3490E tapes and 1000 9840 tapes (approximately 15TB's of data) to a Virtual Tape System (VTS). We ran FATSCOPY jobs as background tasks over a 6 week period. The work was completed without causing any downtime or other interruption to production services... »  

  « I have a STK 9840 Cartridge with 2800 labels on it, but an IEHINIT was run on this tape from an LPAR without CA-1. With FATAR, we were able to recover 2799 files.

This data would have taken us many months to try and recreate.

  « To insure that no unencrypted data goes offsite we use FATSERASE to erase all existing data on our 3592 scratch tapes. »  

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