FASTCPK Introduction

Fast, Efficient and Minimally Disruptive z/OS DASD Volume Reorganization

Modern disk arrays are still regarded by the z/OS operating system as a set of conventional DASD Volumes. Each logical volume in the array has a fixed number of cylinders, and space is managed in the usual way – with a standard VTOC and VTOCIX.

As described in more detail in the Case for FASTCPK White Paper or in the Technical section, the issues of fragmented freespace, multi-extent datasets, over-allocated datasets and wasted space are as important today as they have always been.

Introducing FASTCPK

FASTCPK is a DASD Volume reorganization tool that provides a fast, efficient and minimally disruptive solution to a wide range of DASD related Storage Management issues, including:
  • Free Space Fragmentation. FASTCPK can “defrag” or consolidate free space on a volume into as few as one or two contiguous areas, reducing the fragmentation index (fragindex).

  • Multiple Extents. FASTCPK merges the extents of Sequential, PDS, PDSE, VSAM, DB2 and Extended Format VSAM data sets.

  • Wasted Space. FASTCPK releases all or part of the unused space within Sequential, PDS, PDSE, VSAM, DB2 and Extended Format VSAM data sets.

  • VTOC errors. FASTCPK analyzes a VTOC and detects logical errors (e.g. invalid F5's and incorrect free space definitions).
See the Technical section for an example FASTCPK job that will do all of the above, across a specified range of DASD volumes.


FASTCPK is ultra-fast!
  • Get the job done in just a few minutes with a minimum of intrusion.

  • Typically, it takes LESS than 1 minute to consolidate free space, merge extents and release unused free space on a 3390-9.

  • The SIZEKEEP parameter can limit the amount of data moved by FASTCPK, allowing it to finish even faster.

  • You can opt to just release unused free space using the optional TYPE=RLSE mode of FASTCPK, which usually runs in less than 10 seconds!

Simulation & Reporting

FASTCPK can produce a wide range of information, in both detailed and summary format.
  • The MAP function allows you to map out the contents of selected volumes.

  • The SIMULATE feature lets you see the effects of a Compaktion without actually having to run it for real.

Before and After maps can be produced for each volume processed, either on a SIMULATE or a real Compaktion, together with a concise summary of the effects of the Compaktion.

Here is an example of the summary report:

Key Benefits
  • Re-gain control over the utilization of your z/OS DASD space and ease dataset allocations by reducing the over-allocation of data sets.

  • Reduce the occurrences of x37 abends and limit the number of multi-volume data sets.

  • Detect VTOC errors before they can do any harm to your data.

  • In a single execution, FASTCPK can reduce free space fragmentation, merge the extents of multi-extent datasets and release unused free space.

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For more introductory information on FASTCPK, see the Product Portfolio Sheet

For more technical detail on FASTCPK, see the Tech Detail section.

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