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New to UPSTREAM Reservoir is the SAN EXPRESS, a powerful
LAN FREE data transfer addition to the UPSTREAM Reservoir Storage Management product.

The SAN EXPRESS provides extremely high speed LAN Free data transfer to tape for the UPSTREAM Reservoir system. Now with the SAN EXPRESS the traditional backup bottlenecks are removed as it bypasses the local area network while also providing for very cost effective use of your tape drives and libraries. With the SAN EXPRESS multiple heterogeneous servers can now share backup systems and resources, resulting in reduced complexity, easy management and reducing costs.

When a tape drive or library is on the same FIBRE or SCSI SAN as both the UPSTREAM client and Reservoir system, UPSTREAM will write directly to the tape drive on the SAN, bypassing the LAN for the bulk of the data, a high speed LAN Free backup.

This high performance feature will work on ANY vendors SAN array.

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