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UPSTREAM Reservoir Extends Operating System Platform Support

INNOVATION Data Processing, a market leader in storage management products, has released a new version of UPSTREAM Reservoir extending operating system platforms for the Reservoir backup server that now feature AIX and Sun Solaris, and x86 LINUX and Linux for zSERIES.

UPSTREAM Reservoir provides automated, centralized storage management and control for fast, reliable complete backup and recovery and archival for all systems, databases and enterprise servers. Business needs differ from organization to organization and with this release of UPSTREAM Reservoir, INNOVATION now offers a choice of platforms used as the host storage backup server; Windows, AIX, Sun Solaris, x86 Linux, and Linux for zSERIES. With this release UPSTREAM Reservoir can meet business needs for organizations using various types of backups and recovery strategies.

UPSTREAM Reservoir supports a wide variety of disk, tape and robotic devices. Backup devices can be a single tape drive, tape library, silo, or disk arrays. The UPSTREAM Reservoir Backup server can use any tape drive such as 9840, Magstar, DLT, LTO, AIT, Ultrium or library. In addition, UPSTREAM Reservoir provides the ability to backup to disk or tape, and provides the option for data to be backed up to disk (D2D), staged from disk (D2D2T) and automatically moved to tape. UPSTREAM Reservoir provides very efficient operations with Profile Sets, ability to stage for optimum performance and backup flexibility. INNOVATION's heritage of high performance products continues in that tradition with UPSTREAM Reservoir SAN Express-support for LAN-FREE data transfer.

UPSTREAM Reservoir system provides world class protection and features with extensive multi-platform support and online database agent support. UPSTREAM Reservoir client support includes agents for Intel Linux as well as zLINUX. Also supported are Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003, Novell, OS/2, AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and Tru64. In addition there is a wide variety of database agents supported that include Oracle, DB2 UDB, Lotus Notes Domino, SQL Server, MS Exchange and Novell GroupWise.

UPSTREAM Reservoir solution provides enhanced functionality, automation and reliability for open systems storage, while offering low resource and system utilization. UPSTREAM Reservoir provides a centralized solution for managing LAN/UNIX/SAN/NAS distributed data, making it a perfect fit for all types of organizations.


INNOVATION Data Processing, Little Falls NJ, is a leading independent software vendor providing Non-Disruptive Business Protection and Enterprise Storage Management solutions for IBM eServer z/OS, OS/390 and S/390 Linux attached enterprise storage, as well as for Windows, UNIX and Linux, SAN, NAS and LAN distributed storage. INNOVATION solutions deliver exceptional reliability and winning price/performance. Distributing enterprise storage management technology solutions for non-stop processing, thousands of users in the United States and other countries around the globe look to INNOVATION for their business continuance solutions.

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