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Support Extends to StorageTek Enterprise Tape Drives and Shared Virtual Array System

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. - June 16, 2004 - INNOVATION Data Processing, Inc. today announced that its entire line of enterprise software solutions support StorageTek's® (Storage Technology Corporation, NYSE:STK), T9840C and T9940B FICON tape drives as well as the StorageTek V2Xf Shared Vitrual Array® (SVA™) disk system.

INNOVATION customers with StorageTek's new T9840C and T9940B FICON tape drives will now be better equipped than ever to handle data consolidation for management efficiency while saving money by storing low-usage data at lower costs. The complete INNOVATION FDR® (Fast Dump Restore) Storage Management Solution Suite including ABR®, FASTCPK®, FDRInstantBackup®, ABRINSTANT™, FDR/IPSTREAM® and FDRPAS™, helps to provide non-disruptive zSeries data Protection for z/OS, UNIX, Linux, and Windows SAN, LAN and NAS distributed storage, as well as for Linux on zSeries and S/390 UNIX computing environments. FDRInstant combined with HSDM from StorageTek on the Shared Virtual Array can Reduce data movement overhead by up to 75%.

“We see zSeries customers continuing to look for ways to maximize the return on investment for their storage infrastructures,” said Thomas J. Meehan, INNOVATION Vice President, Advanced Technology. “FICON connectivity gives customers a way of Achieving much higher throughput with both StorageTek high-capacity T9940B and fast- Access T9840C tape drives, as well as with V2Xf virtual disk systems. Throughput increases necessary for these customers to keep pace with real time e-business applications that are creating explosive amounts of data on their mainframe, Linux, UNIX, Windows and LAN servers.”

In addition, current releases of FATS/FATAR, the INNOVATION solution for copying Data from older 3480/3490E tape cartridges to 9840/9940 media while updating user catalogs and tape management systems (i.e. CA1, CA-TLMS) to match, also supports the newest FICON tape drive offerings from StorageTek.

“Enterprise customers to turn to us to help provide information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions as their best practice,” said Jon Benson, vice president and general manager, Automated Tape Solutions, StorageTek. “With partners such as INNOVATION, we are able to help our customers manage the efficiency of their overall storage Operations.”

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