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INNOVATION Data Processing announces expanded support for FDR/UPSTREAM’s Linux to now include Linux on P Series (RS6000)

Innovation Data Processing, a market leader in storage management products, recently announced that FDR/Upstream has expanded its comprehensive client support to include Linux on P Series hardware (RS-6000).

FDR/UPSTREAM now has complete coverage of every major operating system (AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows) in the data center, while offering a choice of backup servers to include z/OS mainframes and with its RESERVOIR product includes Windows, AIX, SUN Solaris, and Linux.

The new Linux support enables UPSTREAM to continue to offer consistency and reliability from the mainframe arena down to UNIX and LINUX. UPSTREAM is well situated to support the world's largest IT organizations.

FDR/UPSTREAM is a complete storage management solution for corporate data distributed across a heterogeneous network. FDR/UPSTREAM provides enterprise-wide storage management for variety of platforms including Novell, Windows, Linux, UNIX servers and workstations.

FDR/UPSTREAM’s provides extensive support for Linux including advanced UNIX file system specific features include hard links, symbolic links, owners, single file system support, support for Reiser file system as well as ext2, ext3, GFS, MAPFS, GPFS, and remote NFS attachments.

Innovation with this release once again demonstrates its superiority in product design and implementation. With a worldwide customer base and over 34 years experience in backup, restore, hierarchical storage management and disaster recovery, Innovation is internationally recognized for Non disruptive backups and its inventiveness in this market segment. Further information about Innovation, its products and services, can be obtained from the Innovation home page at or e-mail us at