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INNOVATION Data Processing announces support for FDR/UPSTREAM Encryption

Corporate business continuance and business data protection plans must expand to meet current Personal Identity Protection (PIP) and Security Breach Notification (SBN) legislation that all but make it illegal for companies to send unencrypted backup tapes off site.

INNOVATION is ready to assist with FDR/UPSTREAM, an extension to its FDR/UPSTREAM family of business data protection and business continuance solutions that will lower and possibly even eliminate the liability PIP and Security Breach Notification legislation imposes.

FDR/UPSTREAM meets privacy protection compliance requirements, with encryption/ decryption of FDR/UPSTREAM vaulted copies of distributed backups of Windows/Novell/UNIX/LINUX data.

FDR/Upstream V3.5.0 now incorporates components of the Innovation Data Processing FDRCRYPT product as an additional-cost add-on, to allow encryption of secondary copies of backup datasets intended for offsite transport and storage. These secondary backup dataset copies are created using the Upstream VAULT facility. You may choose among five encryption algorithms driven by an encryption key. This encryption key may be user-specified or randomly generated for each backup, allowing a unique encryption key for each.

In order to restore the data from one of these encrypted backup datasets, you must have the encryption key available that was used during the Upstream VAULT operation. The FDRCRYPT component stores the encryption keys used for each VAULT copy in a special key file on disk. For off-site restores, such as a disaster recovery, this key file must be securely transported to the restore site. Alternatively, the user can specify the keys during the restore process.

The Upstream FDRCRYPT component also supports an optional master key, which is used to create an encrypted copy of the actual key used to encrypt the data. This encrypted key is then saved on the backup dataset. The master key can then be used to decrypt any “copy-2” backup created by the VAULT process, in the event the actual keys or the key file is not available.

Twenty-three states (Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington) currently have PIP/SBN legislation.

Innovation with this release once again demonstrates its superiority in product design and implementation. With a worldwide customer base and over 34 years experience in backup, restore, hierarchical storage management and disaster recovery, Innovation is internationally recognized for Non disruptive backups and its inventiveness in this market segment. Further information about Innovation, its products and services, can be obtained from the Innovation home page at or e-mail us at