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INNOVATION Announces Non-Disruptive Data Protection, Business Continuance and Storage System Resources Management Solutions for New IBM System z10 Mainframes and Newly Announced z/OS 1.10 Operating System.

Little Falls, N.J. August 5, 2008–INNOVATION Data Processing, Inc. announced today that current releases of its non-disruptive business data protection, business continuance and storage resource management solutions are shipping with support for the new IBM System z10 mainframe and just announced z/OS 1.10 operating system; ready to help enterprise customers of all sizes improve availability, survivability, security and employ Green technologies.

“Our customers tell us they need 24 x 7 x 365 availability, the capability to sustain application growth, meet privileged information protection responsibilities and contain cost”, said Thomas J Meehan, INNOVATION Data Processing, Vice President, Advance Technology. “And that is exactly the features we see IBM providing in the new IBM z10 processors and z/OS 1.10 operating system. This is an announcement of a significant delivery. There is a lot under the covers in this release of the z/OS that is laying a foundation for the future. Consequently depending which INNOVATION products they are running, z/OS 1.10 customers may have to come up on new release. Our solutions make it happen but its IBM System z hardware and z/OS software providing the facilities our solutions employ to consolidate and conserve resources, improve scalability, boost performance, improve usability, prevent unauthorized access and preserve uninterrupted access to data.” Meehan adds.

“PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) and other privileged information and personal identity protection regulations require banks, card payment service providers, computer services providers, educational institutions, financial intuitions, government agencies, hospitals, insurance companies, telecommunication and a host of others to have data disposal plans. Consequently, according to Meehan, FDRERASE is already quite popular with organizations that must comply with these data protection regulations as they have a responsibility to securely erase disks when disposing of them, repurposing systems and, of increasing concern, on leaving a DR site. FDRERASE is always going to be the fastest way to securely erase specific disk volumes.”

Meehan adding, “now that FDRERASE/OPEN, which comes complete with History Reports that document erase and verification to satisfy the most stringent requirements, has government certification it is a user’s top choice when it comes to meeting the compliance requirements on open systems just as FDRERASE for z/OS is for mainframe storage.”

Working together with IBM, to deliver IBM ServerProven, IBM System Storage Proven and IBM Information On Demand Specialty qualified solutions that allow customers to meet the ever increasing challenges of an on-demand business environment, INNOVATION tests all its software on IBM storage and z/OS software releases that support the new z10 models. All components of the FDR Suite for z/OS [FDR (Fast Dump Restore), ABR, FASTCPK], FDRERASE for z/OS, FDREPORT and FDRVIEWS data protection and storage resource management solutions, the FDRInstantBackup [FDRINSTANT and ABRINSTANT] and FDRPAS non-disruptive business continuance solutions, FDRMOVE real time DASD volume consolidation, UPSTREAM/Reservoir Suite for Enterprise UNIX, Linux and Windows data protection, IAM for VSAM application acceleration and the FATSCOPY Tape Media Migration solutions all provide support for the new z10 models and for the z/OS 1.10 release of the operating system.

Information on specific INNOVATION product releases required to support z/OS 1.10 is available at

INNOVATION FDR, FDRInstant and IAM solutions are available from IBM through SystemPac.
FDRPAS and FDRERASE for z/OS are available through IBM Business Partners.

INNOVATION Data Processing is a leading international provider of enterprise data protection, business continuance and storage resource management solutions that are satisfying customer business continuance requirements and information security concerns since 1972. Combining high performance design with non-disruptive virtualization technology; easy to use and extremely reliable backup, recovery, data replication and privileged information protection, INNOVATION solutions eliminate business downtime while addressing data security concerns. Actively partnering with other leading storage technology vendors, to ensure the technological currency of their solutions, INNOVATION is the choice of thousands of enterprise customers around the world for their business resiliency needs.

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