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INNOVATION Data Processing and IntelliMagic announce FDRPAS and IntelliMagic Balance are now available at a special discount package price.

INNOVATION and IntelliMagic collaboration significantly lowers cost and improves performance of IBM System z mainframe storage.

Little Falls, NJ, and Southlake, TX — August 2, 2010. INNOVATION Data Processing and IntelliMagic are announcing today, at the 2010 SHARE Conference in Boston MA, that their FDRPAS and IntelliMagic Balance products are now available to customers, for a limited time, at a special discount package price.

“Most System z customers can increase the amount of work their existing mainframe storage hardware systems can safely deliver by as much as 30%, by simply using IntelliMagic Balance, in conjunction with INNOVATION's FDRPAS and FDRMOVE”, says Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer, the author of the definitive work on the subject of storage system efficiency. “Coming from someone, who together with Dr. Pat Artis wrote the well know classic on ‘MVS I/O Subsystems’, and who has over 20 years of experience in I/O performance analysis, that is a declaration we believe. It is also one of principle reasons we are collaborating with IntelliMagic to offer System z mainframe sites who take up the IntelliMagic offer of a Free assessment of their current storage efficiency and hardware reclamation potential, a No-Obligation 20 volume Free Trial of FDRPAS and FDRMOVE” says INNOVATION spokesman and Vice President, Advance Technology, Thomas J. Meehan.

Benefits this collaboration can provide include:

  • Deferring expensive hardware purchases by safely extending the life of currently installed storage.
  • Eliminating those disk storage hot spots, that can steal performance from your existing hardware.
  • Moving volumes and files to new hardware in a layout that can maximize performance and longevity.
  • Avoiding performance contention positioning during smaller to larger volume migrations.
  • Intelligently implementing multiple storage tiers that reflect workload performance requirements.
  • Identifying data that can benefit from Solid State Devices and efficiently moving it there.

“The key to achieving these benefits is knowing how to balance your workloads across the storage hardware you've already paid for and moving it there with minimal disruption to your ongoing business processing”, said IntelliMagic US spokesperson Brent Phillips, adding “IntelliMagic knows how to create balance on mainframe storage better than anyone else. And INNOVATION Data knows how to move data better than anyone else. Together we can make it surprisingly easy for System z users to reduce risk and to realize very significant savings on hardware spending by maximizing the I/O performance of their existing hardware. That's why we are currently working with INNOVATION to have IntelliMagic Balance seamlessly create the FDRPAS and FDRMOVE control statements necessary to ‘balance’your storage system.”

Take this opportunity to see for yourself how much IntelliMagic Balance and FDRPAS/FDRMOVE can save you. Act now and request a No-Obligation, Free System z Disk Storage Performance Capacity Improvement Package that will include a free detailed assessment of your current storage efficiency and hardware reclamation potential by IntelliMagic and a 30 day (20 volume) trial package of FDRPAS and FDRMOVE from INNOVATION.

New customers who order and purchase IntelliMagic Balance and INNOVATION Data Processing FDRPAS/FDRMOVE together, during the remainder of 2010 will receive a package discount on the individual IntelliMagic and INNOVATION products. Existing IntelliMagic Balance and INNOVATION Data Processing FDRPAS/FDRMOVE customers will qualify for a package discount when they add the complementary IntelliMagic or INNOVATION product.

Act today...visit for more information and to take advantage of this special package discount offer by registering for your free assessment and trial software now.

About IntelliMagic
IntelliMagic is an international software company known for its Storage Performance Management (SPM) expertise. The company's products provide full insight into storage system performance and allows pro-active and predictive performance capacity planning. IntelliMagic supports disk and tape storage systems, attached to any type of server platform. Special support for z/OS mainframe related performance data is present in all of its products. IntelliMagic solutions are available through offices in the Netherlands and North America as well as through partners in other regions of the world. Contact IntelliMagic directly (or to learn who the IntelliMagic partner is for your region) by calling 877-815-3799 (toll free), sending email to or visiting

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