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Innovation Data Processing Announces FDR/UPSTREAM's Event Notification Support

Innovation Data Processing, a market leader in storage management products, has announced a new management feature to the FDR/UPSTREAM storage management tool. The newest version of FDR/UPSTREAM 3.2.1 available in March 2003 introduces Event Notification support for specific events. FDR/UPSTREAM has now added yet another valuable tool to its data management capability, the ability of sending E-mail and SNMP Trap notifications. To take advantage of this new feature, a set of rules to govern the notification must be established that enable recipients to receive the notifications and also to denote the type of specific events.

Notification is simple and the setup is easy. First you define the notification type (E-mail or SNMP) and the administrator's destination in a notification target file. Then the types of possible actions or specific events are specified, such as backup or restore. Last of all is a rule for when the notification is to be sent. For example the success or failure of any UPSTREAM operation, in addition to what type of informational attachments, UPSTREAM log, UPSTREAM report file, or any user defined file, to be sent.

Once setup is completed, the results will be immediate and automated. The information is extremely helpful in determining why something failed or to be assured that the action worked successfully. The system can send information about a successful backup, such as the backup report. Another helpful example would be a report of what files were skipped in the backup so an administrator can easily take actions to ensure the file will not be at that state at the next backup.

Leveraging FDR/UPSTREAM features, such the Event Notification Feature, Cluster Support, Automated System Recovery, extensive Novell and Windows File Systems Support and the new UPSTREAM Rescuer for Sun and S/390 Linux file systems, it is clear to see why companies worldwide are looking at Innovation's FDR/UPSTREAM as the tool of choice to manage the distributed corporate data. FDR/UPSTREAM's comprehensive facilities and extensive support increases the foundation of administrative automation functions that enable business-critical enterprise data availability and manageability. FDR/UPSTREAM is a complete storage management solution for corporate data distributed across a heterogeneous network. FDR/UPSTREAM provides enterprise-wide storage management for a variety of platforms including Novell, Windows, x86 Linux, S/390 Linux, and UNIX servers and workstations using the z/OS or OS/390 MVS mainframes as the backup server.

Innovation, with this release, once again demonstrates its superiority in product design and implementation. With a worldwide customer base and 30 years experience in backup, restore, hierarchical storage management and disaster recovery, Innovation is internationally recognized for Non-Disruptive backups and its inventiveness in this market segment. Further information about Innovation, its products and services, can be obtained from the Innovation website at or E-mail us at