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Australian Government Agencies secure FDRERASE to sanitize IBM z/OS and Open Systems disks...

Little Falls, N.J. September 8, 2008 - ”Government agencies worldwide have the same obligation as commercial organization, to erase privileged and sensitive information when disposing of disk storage systems and when leaving a DR site.” explains INNOVATION Data Processing, spokesperson Thomas J. Meehan, Vice President of Advance Technology.

“We are extremely proud,” Meehan went on, “that when it comes to preventing access to the individual personal identity, private financial, government fiscal and sensitive national secrets it maintains in digital data banks on IBM z/OS and Opens Systems disk, Australian Federal Government agencies are choosing FDRERASE from INNOVATION Data Processing as their data protection and Media Sanitization solution.”

The FDRERASE Suite is the sole internationally recognized solution for the secure erasure of LUW (Linux/Unix/Windows) Open Systems and IBM z/OS disk with a US Government Data Protection Certification and Australian Defense Signals Directorate (DSD) Approved Products listing as a Media Sanitization product with a conformance claim of EAL2 plus+. “FDRERASE is the only DSD certified solution available today. Our successful completion of EAL2+ evaluation, by these validating authorities, for securely erasing disks”, Meehan went on, “means FDRERASE for z/OS and FDRERASE/OPEN, both of which comply with current US and Australian Department of Defense directives on the subject, are the only government certified choice for the quick and safe secure erasure of data from LUW Open Systems external SAN disk, servers, laptops, USB memory sticks as well as for z/OS disk storage systems from all major hardware vendors like, EMC, Hitachi, IBM and SUN.”

“You expect Defense and National Security agencies to have strict rules,” Meehan went on, “but now all around the world industry guidelines, state codes, and national legislation make it clear that sensitive information must be removed from disks prior to disposal or reuse. Institutions in the US subject to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) must ensure sensitive personal identity information is cleared from equipment and media prior to disposal or reuse. The personal information protection legislative regulations in the various Australian states and territories impose similar obligations on institutions there. The international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requires bank, merchant and merchant service provider MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Card, Discover and JCB members, to enact data disposal plans to purge electronic media so cardholder data cannot be reconstructed. It is very clear internationally, commercial institutions as well as government agencies have the same obligations to erase data when disposing of disk storage systems and when leaving a DR site, as they have to protect that data from unauthorized access while it's in their possession.”

“FDRERASE is always going to be the fastest way to securely erase specific z/OS and Open Systems LUW disks making it very popular with commercial organizations that recognize their responsibility to comply with data protection obligation while its reports, identifying and documenting the erase and verification of specific units, make it a snap to satisfy even the most stringent audit requirements. A Validated Data Protection Solution on the US, Australian and New Zealand Department of Defense evaluated product listings,” Meehan adding “this recent affirmation of Australian Governments agencies choosing FDRERASE certainly puts us in the forefront when it comes to meeting international levels of data protection compliance on all fronts.”

FDRERASE for z/OS and FDERASE/OPEN are availability from INNOVATION Data Processing, its subsidiaries and channel partners worldwide.

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