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INNOVATION Data Processing Announces
FDR/UPSTREAM's zLINUX Lotus Domino Support

Innovation Data Processing, a market leader in storage management products, recently announced that FDR/UPSTREAM has expanded its support for zLINUX to now include new online Lotus Domino database management systems. FDR/UPSTREAM is a complete storage management solution for corporate data distributed across a heterogeneous network. FDR/UPSTREAM provides enterprise-wide storage management for variety of platforms including Novell, Windows, Linux, UNIX servers and workstations using the z/OS or OS/390 MVS mainframes as the backup server.

FDR/UPSTREAM's database agents provide online backup capability, thereby giving the organization maximum protection for the data but without having to impact the bottom line by having to bring the database down in order to do the administrative function of backing up.

FDR/UPSTREAM provides a robust, integrated solution for the protection of critical Notes and Domino information, enabling online backups of Lotus Domino for Linux on zSeries without disrupting user productivity. This means that UPSTREAM can perform online full backups of databases (even if in use) as well as incremental backups by backing up Notes transaction logs.

FDR/UPSTREAM provides a comprehensive solution for file systems as well as databases. UPSTREAM file system support can be used to recover the Notes application. UPSTREAM can be used to recover a Notes database in a disaster recovery as well as a point-in-time recovery. UPSTREAM can also allow the database to be restored to an alternate location.

UPSTREAM can perform incremental backups of databases where Notes reports that a new backup is needed or if a DBIID change is detected and the database is backed up to assure recovery from transaction logs. The FDR/UPSTREAM support is extensive as it includes databases, transaction logs, and templates; and also automatically backups important non-database data, such as Notes ID files, and notes ini files.

FDR/UPSTREAM's provides extensive support for zLINUX including advanced UNIX file system specific features include hard links, symbolic links, owners, single file system support, support for Reiser file system as well as ext2, ext3, GFS and remote NFS attachments.

Innovation with this release once again demonstrates its superiority in product design and implementation. With a worldwide customer base and over 30 years experience in backup, restore, hierarchical storage management and disaster recovery, Innovation is internationally recognized for Non-Disruptive backups and its inventiveness in this market segment.