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INNOVATION announces the UPSTREAM Dispatcher, an integrated Enterprise-Wide Event Scheduling System

Innovation Data Processing, a market leader in storage management products, has released a powerful addition to the FDR/UPSTREAM Storage Management family of products, the UPSTREAM Dispatcher, an integrated enterprise-wide event scheduling system. The FDR/UPSTREAM family of products features reliable and verifiable enterprise class backup and restore protection for applications and databases for a variety of systems and platforms. Offering the optimal flexibility, the UPSTREAM suite presents a choice of backup servers, either using a zOS or OS/390 mainframe as the backup server or alternatively using open systems as the backup server.

The Dispatcher event scheduling system is integrated into the UPSTREAM Director, a user-friendly graphical management and administrative interface that can be run from a web browser or workstation anywhere in your network, virtually anywhere in the enterprise. Using this tightly integrated system you can manage all platforms from a single point of control, providing a mainframe class scheduling system from an UPSTREAM client system.

To allow you to be able to easily manage and control repeated backups and other operations, UPSTREAM Dispatcher works with both the UPSTREAM Reservoir (the non mainframe backup server) controlling scheduling events to the open systems backup server and also FDR/UPSTREAM controlling scheduling events to the mainframe backup server.

The Dispatcher extends many features that include:
  • Easy setup, addition, deletion and modification any number of backups and jobs to be run repeatedly.
  • As it is integrated in UPSTREAM, it allows easy setup of fulls and incrementals backups and administrators can easily add or delete systems.
  • Comprehensive notification for success or failure of operations.
  • Since the UPSTREAM Director controls it, it can be setup or managed from anywhere.
  • Operates with either UPSTREAM/MVS or the UPSTREAM Reservoir. Used with the Reservoir system, you do not have to store security information as it will implicitly use USTBatch.
  • Since it can also run jobs, it can be used for Reservoir vaulting, migration or copying.
  • Offers full control of scheduled operations including scheduled stop and start of the Dispatcher functions itself.

About Innovation Data Processing
INNOVATION Data Processing, Little Falls NJ, is the leading independent software vendor providing Non-Disruptive Business Protection and Enterprise Storage Management solutions for IBM eServer z/OS, OS/390 and S/390 Linux attached enterprise storage, as well as for Windows, UNIX and Linux, SAN, NAS and LAN distributed storage. INNOVATION solutions deliver exceptional reliability and winning price/performance. Distributing enterprise storage management technology solutions for non-stop processing, thousands of users in the United States and 35 other countries around the globe look to INNOVATION for their business continuance solutions.

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