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FDRINSTANT non-disruptive INNOVATION backup with encryption protection support for EMC Symmetrix DMX TimeFinder data replication options

EMC World 2006, Boston, MA - Innovation Data Processing, Little Falls, NJ; April 25, 2006: Coinciding with the EMC World 2006 conference this week in Boston, INNOVATION Data Processing today is announcing non-disruptive backup and encryption protection enhancements that enable the full suite of FDR business data protection, business continuance and business resiliency solutions to leverage three EMC TimeFinderĀ® data replication options for EMC Symmetrix DMXTM storage systems.

In detail; INNOVATION Data Processing, is announcing FDRINSTANTBACKUP V5.4 Lvl 55, with non-disruptive backup, instant restore, disk reorganization and FDRCRYPT encryption support for EMC TimeFinder/Mirror, EMC TimeFinder/Clone and EMC TimeFinder/Snap Symmetrix DMX replication options, including support for consistent split and data set SNAP operations.

"FDRINSTANTBACKUP, an optional enhancement, which enables FDR (FDRInstant), FDR/ABR (ABRInstant), FDRSOS and FDRCOPY to employ EMC Symmetrix DMX hardware replication, now supports EMC's TimeFinder/Mirror, TimeFinder/Clone and TimeFinder/Snap offerings, including consistent split and data set SNAP operations. This support allows our customer's e-Commerce business applications to immediately continue processing without disruption, as backups are taken and disk volumes reorganized. The FDRCRYPT enhancement extending the FDR suite's encryption solution for business data protection to secure any copies of these non-disruptive backups being sent off-site (e.g. disaster recovery tape and FTP backup files) against unauthorized access with sophisticated cryptographic algorithms, including System Z AES hardware encryption. If one of our customers has an IBM System Z processor as well Symmetrix DMX disk, FDRCRYPT will employ both hardware replication and hardware encryption for even better performance improvements," explains Thomas J. Meehan, INNOVATION Data Processing Vice President of Advance Technology.
  • FDRInstant and ABRInstant continue to support split Mirrors and concurrent BCVs for customers employing high-performance EMC TimeFinder / Mirror.
  • FDRCOPY, as well as FDRInstant and ABRInstant full volume and incremental backup now support full-volume and data set SNAP, for the highly functional EMC TimeFinder / Clone option.
  • FDRInstant and ABRInstant now support full volume and incremental backup from economical space-saving EMC TimeFinder / Snap virtual disks
  • FDRInstant and ABRInstant now support EMC TimeFinder / Mirror consistent split for full-volume and incremental backup as well as EMC TimeFinder / Clone and TimeFinder / SNAP consistent snap, i.e. splitting multiple BCVs or SNAPPING multiple standard disks at a single point-in-time, for consistent non-disruptive backup of multiple disk volumes.
INNOVATION Data Processing, Little Falls NJ, is the leading independent software vendor in the world today, providing business data protection, non-disruptive business continuance and business resiliency solutions for IBM System Z, z/OS, Linux on System Z, UNIX on System Z, attached enterprise storage, as well as for Windows, UNIX and Linux, SAN, NAS and LAN direct attach or distributed storage.

The FDRINSTANTBACKUP and FDRCRYPT additional cost enhancements to FDR, FDRDSF, FDRABR, FDRAPPL application backup / restore and FDRCOPY as well as the FDRTCOPY / FDRTSEL tape copy utilities are available for ordering.

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