The Makers of FDR®

Little Falls, NJ April 2, 2002-INNOVATION Data Processing, a leading independent software vendor of Non-Disruptive Business Protection and Storage Management solutions, commenting on this month's IBM Migration Services announcements confirms the newly enhanced IBM Migration Services for S/390 Data offering, integrates Innovation's FDR Plug and Swap (FDRPAS) as a new alternative for customers, who need to non-disruptively move data from disks in one storage system to another whether it is an IBM or non-IBM storage system.

IBM z900 and S/390 eServer hardware allows non-disruptive "plug in" of new FICON and ESCON disk hardware, like the IBM Total Storage Enterprise Storage Server (code name SHARK). The IBM z/OS and OS/390 operating systems can bring new equipment and existing equipment on-line non-disruptively. "The interruptions occur" said INNOVATION Data Processing, Inc., Vice President, Thomas J. Meehan, "because conventional solutions for moving disk data to new devices are disruptive. Dump/restore and traditional copy solutions must stop the business applications." FDRPAS technology compliments IBM eServer capabilities to dynamically plug in and activate new disk hardware. FDR Plug and Swap (FDRPAS) non-disruptively whisks system and application data from old disks to new disks while the volumes remain in use and applications continue non-stop.

"IBM services specialists employing FDRPAS will provide customers a no hassle solution for copying data from the DASD volumes its on to new storage devices without the slightest disruption to the customer's business." Meehan went on, "FDRPAS technology will relocate (migrate) z/OS and OS/390 system volumes and application data during normal business hours, moving whole storage systems or individual disks for new hardware installation or for I/O load balancing of existing systems, without interrupting a customer's business processing."

"We are pleased with IBM incorporating FDRPAS into their Migration Services for S/390 Data," said Meehan. "We are confident that the combination of FDRPAS reliability, performance and packaging, coupled with IBM best-of-class service and support, will provide a powerful solution for customers who choose it."

"Customers will be totally unaware of an IBM service specialist moving disk volumes around," said Meehan. "Reliability, performance, hardware independence and breadth of support for the newest storage hardware and operating system technology make "FDR Plug and Swap" the right solution for Migration Services customers who need a non-disruptive solution to help them meet their increasing need for more enterprise storage."

"IBM Global Services adoption of FDRPAS continues INNOVATION string of significant storage hardware vendors endorsing its line of non-disruptive storage management solutions," according to Meehan. "IBM adoption of FDRPAS technology solidifies INNOVATION's position as the technology leader providing value to storage hardware vendors."

FDRPAS (FDR Plug and Swap) for "Non-Disruptive" disk volume relocation, provides continuous 24x7x365 availability even as you install more storage capacity, upgrade existing hardware, move volumes for load balancing or eliminate hot spots on the fly, as business operations continue non-stop.