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INNOVATION Data Processing Announces...
Support for StorageTek FICON Attach T9840B Tape Drives

Little Falls, NJ June 9, 2003 - INNOVATION Data Processing, Inc. today announced that all its enterprise software solutions are currently shipping with support for the new T9840B direct zServer FICON channel-attach tape drive introduced this week by StorageTek.

According to the company all components of its FDR Storage Management Suite, including FDR(Fast Dump Restore), ABR, FDRINSTANT, and ABRINSTANT for non-disruptive z/OS storage protection, its FDR/UPSTREAM Storage Management Suite including the FDRSOS and FDR/UPSTREAM/SOS non-disruptive storage management solutions for UNIX, Linux and Windows, DAS, SAN, LAN and NAS distributed storage, along with S/390 UNIX and Linux on zServer storage, work with the new FICON T9840B drives.

Additionally, the company announced its FATSCOPY solution, for auto migrating data from older tape media like 3480/3490E cartridges to new large capacity cartridge volumes such as the T9840B while updating the customer's tape management system (CA1, IBM-RMM) to match, also fully supports the new StorageTek FICON attach tape drives.

"The FICON-attach StorageTek T9840B tape drive," according to Thomas J. Meehan, INNOVATION Vice President, Advanced Technology, "is an absolutely imperative addition to maintaining a viable business continuance plan." Adding, "Customers need high-speed, high-capacity tape to keep pace, as Internet and real-time e-business applications drive up the amount of data stored on mainframe, Linux, UNIX, Windows and LAN servers."

"The StorageTek T9840B FICON-attach tape drive and INNOVATION's storage management solutions deliver more powerful business protection to our customers," said Gary Francis, StorageTek Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Automated Tape Solutions. "The T9840B tape drive is known for its unmatched fast access to data. By offering FICON attach, we provide increased data rates over increased distance. INNOVATION's software benefits our customers by fully exploiting the T9840B technology."

"Customers taking delivery of T9840B FICON-attach tape drives are going to see amazing benefits. Pre-release testing," Meehan went on, "clearly shows the FICON-attach T9840B drive is capable of supporting multiple concurrent disk backups. Incredibly high I/O capacity makes z/OS and OS/390 platforms an extremely popular choice as an enterprise backup server. Customers moving to centralize mainframe Linux, UNIX and Windows disk backup/restore with INNOVATION ABRINSTANT, FDR/UPSTREAM and FDRSOS solutions will find it takes a high-speed, high-capacity tape system like the FICON-attach T9840B to be able to keep pace. INNOVATION customers who trust FDRINSTANT to empower FDR, ABR, FDRSOS and FDR/UPSTREAM for real-time protection of their e-business data are going to find that T9840B FICON-attach tape more than lives up to its advance billing. I expect FDR solution users are going to find the T9840B FICON-attach drive a very interesting addition to their equipment portfolio."

On INNOVATION Data Processing...
INNOVATION Data Processing the leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of
non-disruptive mainframe z/OS and OS/390 business protection and storage management solutions, known for their ability to eliminate business downtime in mainframe and mixed mainframe S/390 Linux, Windows, UNIX and Linux, SAN, NAS and LAN enterprise storage environments, delivers exceptional reliability and prize-winning price/performance. The first ISV to seamlessly employ StorageTek's SnapShot for non-disruptive backup of mainframe and open systems data, INNOVATION's long-standing alliance with StorageTek continues to deliver a continuous stream of solutions, now combining the flexibility of T9840B FICON-attach tape drives with the robust functionality of INNOVATION software.

Distributing non-disruptive "INSTANT-technology" storage protection solutions worldwide, thousands of users in the United States and 35 other countries around the globe look to INNOVATION Data Processing for their non-stop e-business continuance solutions.

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