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We use News via E-mail to distribute hiper fixes, and announcements of new products and major enhancements. At least one person at each installation should be registered to receive News via E-mail for each product for which you are licensed or in which you might have a future interest. Use the link below to register for News via E-mail.

  • You can now receive news, announcements, new product information, latest versions, technical bulletins via E-mail. By subscribing to our list you will be able to point and click via HTML links to our WEB site for our latest information.
  • To subscribe to our list please fill in the form below and press send.
    Please send an email directly to support@fdrinnovation.com to enroll in the FDRPAS News via E-mail list.
    This number is 6 digits and starts with either a 1 or 0 and can be found in the top left corner of your Innovation mailing label. Please email support@fdrinnovation.com to obtain your company number.
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