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SHARE 2019 PowerPoint Presentations
SHARE August 2019: NEW! FDRPAS Large Scale Synchronization
SHARE August 2019: Migrating live Linux and z/VM to NEW DASD
SHARE March 2019: Using IAM to Exploit Modern Mainframe Advances
SHARE 2018 PowerPoint Presentations
SHARE August 2018: FDRPAS and FDRPASVM DASD We Like to Move It! Move It!
SHARE 2017 PowerPoint Presentations
SHARE August 2017: CLOUDVTB Bringing the Mainframe Data to the Cloud protecting your Physical/Virtual Tape Data Sets.
SHARE August 2017: Using FDR/UPSTREAM and your z/OS Mainframe for File Level Data Protection for Linux on z Systems & USS Data.
SHARE 2016 PowerPoint Presentations
SHARE August 2016: FDRPASVM Migrating Live Linux and z/VM systems to New DASD.
SHARE 2015 PowerPoint Presentations
SHARE August 2015: IAM: Back to the Future Turning back the clock on VSAM run times.
SHARE August 2015: FDR/UPSTREAM: INNOVATION’s z/OS Solutions for Managing BIG DATA and Protection for Linux on z Systems.
SHARE March 2015: FDRPASVM Migrating live Linux and z/VM systems to new DASD.
SHARE March 2015: The Benefits of using FATSCOPY for EMC DLm Tape Migration.

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