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z/OS Product Range
1. VSAM Performance
The Innovation Access Method (IAM) is a transparent alternative to VSAM KSDS, ESDS and (as a cost option) AIX and RRDS files. The savings achieved over VSAM can vary, but IAM typically uses 40-80% less I/Os, 20-70% less CPU and 30-70% less DASD. Savings in batch elapsed times and online response times can range from 20-80%.
IAM White Paper
Getting the most out of IAM.
2. Backup & Restore
FDRINC Volume & Incremental Backups
The FDRINC Volume and Incremental Backup system offers high-performance, managed backups of your z/OS DASD volumes, together with optimized processes for dataset and volume restore. For disaster recovery situations, where multiple volumes need to restored as quickly as possible, the optional FDRDRP extension can reduce volume recovery times by up to 80%.
FDRINSTANT enables FDRABR to take near 24x7 backups of duplicated offline volumes, created by DASD Subsystem features such as StorageTek SnapShot Copy, EMC TimeFinder (Mirror, Clone and Snap), HDS ShadowImage and IBM FlashCopy. On systems where the appropriate support is provided, FDRINSTANT can also take a “consistent backup” against a group of duplicated offline volumes that have been created at the same, consistent point-in-time.
FDRAPPL Application Backup
FDRAPPL can be used to create a managed backup of all the data sets belonging to an application, from whichever disk volumes they reside. An automated control file mechanism ensures that restores of either individual datasets, or the entire application, can be done quickly and easily.
FDRCRYPT provides encryption services for all FDR and ABR backups, and can also be used to encrypt the sequential output datasets created by an IDCAMS REPRO. A choice of encryption algorithms is available to allow a balance to be struck between the strength of the encryption and the additional resources required to encrypt (and decrypt) the data.
3. Storage Management Utilities
FDRViEWS...Turning Raw Data into Smart Business Decisions. FDRViEWS provides a simplified user interface to query and analyse your z/OS data storage. With FDRViEWS, you can take scheduled and/or ad hoc “collections” of the status of your z/OS storage at both the volume and data set level. FDRViEWS can collect information from thousands of volumes in just a few minutes.
FDRPAS allows for the non-disruptive movement of z/OS disk volumes from one disk device to another. It can move/migrate 100’s of volumes in a day. On average, it can move a 3390-3 in 3 to 5 minutes.

FDRERASE V5.4 L50 is an EAL2+ certified product that can quickly erase many disk volumes in parallel allowing you to erase all the residual data from a disk after Disaster Recovery testing, before it is removed from a data centre or re-assigned for internal use. With FDRERASE 1,000 volumes (3TB) can be erased in less than 2 hours.
FDRMOVE, which includes FDRPAS, provides a high-performance, non-disruptive or minimally-disruptive movement of z/OS data sets. It is ideal for volume consolidation (e.g. consolidating data from three 3390-3’s to a single 3390-9), which can help to free up UCBs where the number of UCBs is restrained by operating system limits.

FDRMOVE can move data sets between disk volumes in the same disk subsystem, or between disk volumes in different subsystems and between different hardware manufacturers.
FDREPORT is an extremely powerful and flexible DASD Management report generator, which can draw information from a variety of sources, including VTOCs, Catalogs, FDRABR control files, and DFHSM’s MCDS and BCDS control datasets. FDREPORT also includes a set of pre-defined “Health Check” reports.
4. Tape Utilities
FATS/FATAR is a suite of utilities for z/OS tape, including secure data erasure, certification, verification and labeling. FATSCOPY adds additional functionality to the suite, including tape media conversions and tape stacking.
Open Systems Product Range
FDR/UPSTREAM builds on the strengths of the FDR DASD Management Family and provides a fast, safe and reliable solution to backup Open Systems data to disk or tape under
a z/OS host.

A wide range of clients is supported, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, NetWare and VMware. Special agents are also included for the most popular database and messaging systems, including Oracle, IBM DB2 UDB, Lotus Notes Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP and Novell GroupWise.
If the open systems data to be backed up is resident on an EMC Symmetrix/DMX with Enterprise Storage Platform (ESP), FDRSOS and FDR/UPSTREAM/SOS can utilize
high-speed mainframe channels to offer an exceptional performance backup and restore of
that data.
UPSTREAM Reservoir
UPSTREAM Reservoir is designed for sites that prefer to host UPSTREAM on an open systems server (e.g. Windows, UNIX or Linux), either as an alternative to, or as well as FDR/UPSTREAM under z/OS.

UPSTREAM Reservoir shares the same basic functionality as FDR/UPSTREAM, but
also includes additional features, such as “SAN Express”, which offers a high-speed,
“LAN-Free” backup.

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