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Senior z/OS Tape Hardware and Media Management Software Developer
Salary: Commensurate with experience
Location: This position is available in our USA headquarters located in Little Falls NJ.


Work on our FATSCOPY and CLOUDVTB products.

The candidate must have a solid understanding of the IBM Systems z mainframe and storage system architectures, as well as expertise in their interfaces, systems and services e.g. CCW/EXCP access to disk and tape storage systems, IOS sub-system, allocation / de-allocation, z/OS catalog internals, system exits, multi-tasking, FRR processing, resource serialization and real-time locking techniques.

The candidates should have extensive hands-on experience developing z/OS system software products and have skills associated with writing to and reading from Cloud Storage and network storage (i.e.NFS,HTTP).

Skills and Work Experience


  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in z/OS software development.
    Ability to write assembler programs utilizing z/OS supervisor state key zero, real memory, virtual memory, multi-processor locking and serialization, GRS, etc.
  • Detailed knowledge of several of the following:
    • Knowledge of RMM, CA-1 (TMS), TLMS and UNIX System Services (USS).
    • Experience developing system intercepts in such components such as Open/Close, Allocation, EOV processing, Address Termination, etc.
    • EXCP I/O level processing, with experience building channel programs, DIE exit processing, dynamic hook insertion and management in the IOS subsystem, as well as a detailed understanding of I/O interrupt handling (normal and abnormal)
    • Expertise with one or more of the following subsystems:
      • z/OS Systems Managed Storage catalog structures
      • z/OS IOS control block structures
      • z/OS disk and tape volume control block structures
    • Knowledgeable with IOS level channel programming and overall IOS flow, including but not limited to control blocks and I/O flow such as the IOB, IOSB, CCW, FLIH and SLIH, Disabled Interrupt Exits, etc.


  • Experience working with tape storage management related products, especially in the area of device and volume allocation management, data replication, tape media management systems and z/OS catalog management.
  • Experience with TS7700 virtual tape libraries, EMC DLm
  • Ability to diagnose problems using dumps and software tools e.g. IPCS, GTF, and XDC
  • Experience with IBM and other vendors’ problem management reporting systems

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